Divyabodhanam  (Theological Education Program)


Many times we do not have a proper answer for the many things we see around us in the Church? As a result we are alienated from the Church. Does Christ really want me to do that- is a persistent question we have. By going through the process of Divyabodhanam, we will have a good foundation about important topics in the faith like New Testament, Old Testament, Sacraments, ministries of the Church, Traditions, Liturgy and many such, taught by reputed teachers of the Church like Fr. T.J. Joshua, Fr. K.M. George, Fr. Mathew Vaidyan, H.G. Mar Osthathios etc. These matters of faith are of utmost importance for us to find clarity in the life in Christ. When we are clear in our minds, we will be able to better explain to those around us and we will be "always ready to answer those who ask us about the reason for the hope we have" as commanded by St. Peter in 1 Peter 3:15 Thus we will be armed with the weapons needed in our spiritual war which is life and will be able to feed the right spiritual food to the next generation. Thus generations will be blessed.


How will Divyabodhanam help us?

  1. Better understand the Bible as the true inspiration for all we do in the Holy Church.
  2. Understand the teachings, ministries, sacraments, Liturgy and history of the Church much better.
  3. Enable us to become better participants of the Church and teach our kids.
  4. Train us in our mission in the world as Christians, as children of the Church.
  5. Better answer questions, doubts, allegations about the Church coming from within and outside.
  6. Become builders and owners of the traditions of the Church.
  7. Use the tools of counseling, positive thinking effectively, and live and grow as better citizens of the Church, the society, the country.


Divyabodhanam has over the years been instrumental in bringing up many lay leaders in the Church, who have been beacons of light for the upcoming generation, who work hand in hand with the clergy in building the Lord's Church.



Divyabodhanam Study Materials


  1. Syllabus
  2. Prakasathilekku
  3. Old Testament verses in Mathew
  4. Unit 1 - pages 1-23