MGOCSM (Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Students Movement)


MGOCSM is the student wing of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, It was formed to bring together Orthodox students at colleges and high schools levels and to create in them brotherly love. Initially the movement was started in 1907 by a group of Students and Senior leaders in Madras under the name 'Syrian Student Conference' and its first Annual meeting was held at Thiruvalla on January 1, 1908.The "Syrian Student Conference" assumed its present name "MGOCSM" with the motto "Worship, Study, Service" in the year 1960. MGOCSM is the oldest Christian Organization in India


Over the years several wings of MGOCSM like the High School wing, University wing, University Teachers wing, Medical Auxiliary wing, Technical Auxiliary wing, Missionary wing, Publication wing came in to existence.


The MGOCSM in America is lead by the Metropolitan of the American Diocese: His Grace Mathews Mar Barnabas and the leadership of this group has been appointed by the Metropolitan. And in 2003, an official MGOCSM Constitution of American Diocese was approved and passed at the 3rd Annual Leadership Camp held in Detroit, Michigan.


Any student of a College or a High School who belongs to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church shall be eligible to become a member of the Movement. Any person other than a student belonging to the Church and subscribing to the aims and objects of the Movement shall also be eligible to become a member of the Movement.